What is the purpose of FORSEA?

Very simple...To Support The Community Who Use The Ocean For It's Ability To Help People, And Those Who Fight To Protect It

For over 10 years, I have been working with surf therapy and conservation groups. I have worked with families on both coasts, I have worked with children dealing with a wide range of special challenges, as well as with wounded vets dealing with mental and physical challenges. I have spent years capturing these moments with my cameras so that they can be shared, remembered, and reflected on in the future. To be able to catch the moment when fear, uncertainty, or doubt vanishes, and happiness and excitement take over is something most people will never see, but one that you will never forget once you do.

Year after year, I have shot these events, and all I ever wanted was to be able to shoot more of them, capture more moments and give those memories to the athletes and their families to look back on in the future. I always feel terrible when I turn down an event, but the travel and accommodations, the equipment upgrades, and the time away from my full time job were always limiting factors. So I decided to start FORSEA.

FORSEA will be made up of two parts. There is the company that sells goods such as clothing, reusable drinkware, candles, and other items which will fund the nonprofit side that will provide media services to the numerous charitable organizations I work with at no charge. This allows them to have photos and videos of each event to be shared with athletes and families free of charge. On top of that, a portion of profits will be given to organizations that fight to protect and conserve the ocean for future generations. These groups fight tirelessly to keep the ocean clean, preserve the many resources within it, and allow generations to enjoy it as we do today.